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Travel Bucket List! What’s on yours?

I have two words for you…bucket list. Not just any bucket list but a travel bucket list. Unless you are one of the few that has a never ending wallet, live in a land where time has no meaning to you, and you either have no minions (or, as you may call them, children) or your minions have grown up and moved on and you have the freedom to travel wherever your heart desires, you may have had a daydream or two about being somewhere far, far away from your reality. <- I just realized that was an extremely long sentence! My apologies 🙂

I shall give you a small backstory on how this became a topic for the blog!

A couple of weeks ago, I became engaged! That’s right! I am no longer a single woman but a soon-to-be-bride 🙂 Woohoo!!! *does happy dance…and then falls down* My DH and I have been in the midst of wedding planning for a little while now and one topic to discuss is…THE HONEYMOON!!! Now, if you are like us, somewhere tropical is generally at the top of the list. So, we began with Fiji! Notice how the picture at the top of this screen somewhat seems like Fiji? There is a reason for that…Fiji is my happy place and I have always wanted to go there! I think it is the farthest I can be from home before I start heading back! Anyway…we discovered that Fiji was too expensive 😦 My heart saddened just a bit at this realization…

Next it was Hawaii! DH says it’s not Fiji but it’s pretty close! And it’s cheaper!!! Ok! I am on board with Hawaii! I started doing all sorts of research on Hawaii…the history, where to stay, what to do, how to “live like a local”…everything! Hawaii is definitely someplace I want to visit!

Then one night I was meandering through the wonderful world of the interwebs 🙂 and discovered a “semi-inclusive” honeymoon trip to Thailand!!! Seriously?!?!? Thailand?!?!?! Oh I am ALL over this one! The package price was great, what was included wasn’t bad, and it was a week long trip! I told my DH that if we could go to Thailand for nearly the same price as Hawaii…we were going to Thailand! Being the wonderful man that he is, he smiled and said “Ok darlin,” yes he calls me darlin 🙂 “let’s go to Thailand!”

So we were all set to start on the venture of planning a honeymoon to Thailand! Then…I looked at ticket prices and OH MY GOSH!!! It would cost roughly $4000 for the two of us to fly to Thailand and back! Whoa 😦 I’d have to sell way too many internal organs to pay for that! So…that pipe dream quickly burst!

Next on the list…Mexico!

Both of us have always wanted to see and explore the Mayan Ruins. Filled with culture and history…how could we not want to go there?! So…we began searching for honeymoon packages in the Maya Riveria. Beautiful place! At least the parts they show in pictures on the interwebs 🙂

As of today, we still have no idea where we want to go or what we want to do! After this whole debacle is settled, we will be making a bucket list of places we want to go. Once the minions are grown and on their own…we WILL be knocking some of these places off of our list 🙂

What places would be on your bucket list o’ travel???